Wanderlust Weddings!

Remember this day Forever.

Wanderlust loves weddings! This is one of the most beautiful days in a couples life and how better to spend it than on an exotic island! We offer a few different packages and when you book a wedding with us we offer a night free on us!

photos of couples getting married

Weddings on the Beach

The best place to get married

Weddings on the beach are the most romantic in the world. Either with your whole family or just by your other, it is sure to be a memorable day. Wanderlust handles all of the paperwork for you so you just worry about looking amazing on your very special day.

  • Private Cove Weddings
  • Family Banquet Weddings
photos of couples getting married

Celebrate a WanderMoon!

You and your love will never it to end

Celebrating your commitment with your lover is the second best part of newly married couples. Wanderlust offers many packages to accomadate any desire. We are here to make sure your Wander Moon is the best you could ever dream of!

  • Dream Package
  • Lovers Get-away Package
  • Star Crossed Package
  • Emperors Suite Package
photos of couples getting married

Renew your love

Cherish the one you love forever

Renewing vowels is important in a couples life. There's no better way to show your better half that you care for them than to fly them to an exotic Wanderlust resort and tell them all over again how much they mean to you.

photos of couples getting married

Memories will last forever

We have photo packages and professional photographers on hand to make your day super memorable.

photos of couples getting married

Relive the moment!

Show your family and friend the beautiful ceremony and surroundings of your wedding. Professional videographers catch every detail!