Wanderlust Activities!

Adventure awaits You.

Wanderlust loves adventure! We have plenty of activities to keep even the most adrenaline junky excited. Each island has it's own secret unique excursions and you'll just have to visit each one to find out what they are!

Horseback Riding

photo of horseback riding

Enjoy galloping through miles of white sandy beach on the back of a beautiful stallion. Beginner to advanced avaialble.

Off Road Excursions

photo of off roading on atv

Looking for the Ultimate Adventure? We have you covered because it's Adventure Time! All Day we have off road tours that take you up the mountainside and through the woods!

Luxury Spa Treatment

photo of a woman getting a massage

Get those kinks and knots out with a massage from our expert Therapists. They will customize a massage for you up to an hour and a half! See the Spa desk to ger more info!

Green Jacket Golf

photo of a man playing golf

Hit the links with the best of them! Make sure you stay away from our water hazrads! Most of our course is surrounded by ocean but rest assured we have unlimited bio-degradable balls in case you lose yours!

Scuba Diving

photo of scuba divers

Dive with our local pro's and see the beautiful underwater scenery of the Atlantic. Exotic fish and coral live on all coasts of our resorts so you won't miss a fish! Beginner Snorkel to Advanced Diving available.

Private Beach Dinners

photo of couple eating romantic dinner on beach terrace

Enjoy a one on one dinner with your significant other. We have a personal Butler that will make sure everything you want is at your disposal.


photo of kids playing

We have Kids covered! At Wanderlust we have plenty of activities for youngersters to keep enjoy the most lethargic kid excited!