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Best of the Month

Here is the best of the best! Each month we tally the most viewed and talked about artists, shops, etc. and post them here on this pedestal. This is our thanks to the people and ideas keeping the beautiful tattoo industry alive! Keep this page bookmarked to be in the know! We have this page updated monthly to give you the 411 on the current goods!

& the tears ran Scarlett...

best tattoo shop of month

The Shop of the month is Scarlett Rain! One word comes to mind when you hear the name Scarlett Taylor. That is if you are in the know of tattoos. That word is Goddess. She is the most amazing female artist if not the best in the world. Scarlett Taylor is back boys & girls and she has just opened her own shop in Baltimore Maryland. She's giving away some free stuff for the first 100 people that get Inked! There will be a fundraiser for John Hopkins Hospital at the grand opening of her shop.

Mike Giant

best artist of month

Mike Giant of Rebel8 has won the artist on the month! Mike Giant is busy with his new clothing line and it shows as he is the number one bought tattoo art/clothing brand out in the market to date. His graphics are hand drawn and then photographed for the highest resolution screen print. No computers are used to make his shirts so you know you're getting an authentic Mike Giant! Get yours quick! Each one has a limited run and they don't last long. Rebel 8

  • Rebel 8
    best clothing brand of month

    Best clothing brand! This company is on fire this month! Be sure and visit Rebel 8 to see what's new for the season! Summer items have just been released and spring items are on sale!

  • Secret & Whisper
    best band of month

    Best Band of the month is always a surprise! These guys are no longer together but lately they've been playing around the office a lot! You should definitely check these guys out. They sound like a slighty heavier Circa Survive.

  • Ink Travelers!
    best convention of month

    This show is one of our favorites and because it's coming up soon we had to shamelessly plug it in this months "Best" section! This show is very low key and has a great vibe to it. We will be attending this show so if you can make it out stop by our booth! We will be giving away free stuff all day long until we run out. First come first serve.


Here at SkinDeep we keep you up to date on the latest tattoo shows, conventions, artist meet & greets, and art shows to keep you the fans in the pulse! SkinDeep also hold it's own soirees from time to time, so if you want to get invited you need to stay tuned!

Crescent City Skin 2012!

The Crescent City Skin '12 Convention was held in "The Big Easy". New Orleans was flooded(no pun intended) with people from all over the country for this 15th installment. The show kick started the begining of November off with a bang after having a few big festivities a week before during Halloween, New Orleans just keeps on partying. Nyugen Tan was the highlight of the attending artists and was one of few people who had to turn away attendees who wanted tattoos during the show. The party never gets old down here and the only thing to top it will be Mardi Gras. You better get down here early next year and get your spot in line!

Salt Lake City Tattoo Convention

salt lake city promo image

Better bring your coat! Chilly isn't even the half of it, but that won't stop the norths biggest show. This show will be going on for 3 whole days! Make sure and get your tickets while you can. Limited seating is available for certain artists. Please be sure and visit the show site for more details.

  • Mar 15th-17th
  • www.slctattoo.com
  • Salt Lake City, UT

Ink Travelers Tattoo & Piercing Convention

ink traveler promo image

Ink Travelers is one of our favorites! This show is always a blast and you always meet the nicest people! The only thing we wished was different was that it was longer than 1 day. Besides that this show is worth the trip and if we're lucky, we'll get to meet some of our fans!

  • Jun 13th
  • www.inktraveler.com
  • Vancouver, WA

Colorado Tattoo Competition

Artists, Tattooees, and other odd-balls are welcome! This show is a small venture that gets bigger and better every year. Be sure and check out more details on the Promotions website!

  • Aug 5th-7th
  • www.promotions.com
  • Colorado Springs, CO


We would be nothing if you didn't visit a tattoo shop or parlor! This is our chance to give back to those shops that provide the best customer service and not to mention tattoos. Weekly we will showcase a place that has peeked our radar and keep you in the loop of who's awesome and who's not!

Skull Duggery

skull dugery tattoo shop

Underground definitely comes to mind when you look at this place, but the talent is unmatched. Craig Crewe is the owner of this little establishment in Dark Slope, New York. The Dug shop is hid away in an alley that frequents many tourists who shop from local vendors. Call and make an appointment, walkins are not available.555-648-4938

le Hush

le hush tattoo salon logo

24 hours, 7 days a week, "le Hush" in Paris, France is the ultimate international incident to be involved in. Catering to mostly high clientele, you had better make your appointment a year in advance...that'll give you enough time to save up for one of their one off tattoos. Don't let that discourage you though, it's worth the wait and price.

Night Beauty

La Noche Bella! Los Angeles is full of tattoo parlors, but heres one that stands out among the fish. Although Simmons doesnt physically work there it is definitely one of the more entertaining tattoo shops in the area. Click Here for more details.

Faol Factory

Dave Faol our buddy in Baltimore will be doing a Live Chat on March 5th at 5pm so make sure your are logged in to hear Dave's input on America's new tattoo fad. Dave will also answer any questions he can that the members have regarding tattoos.

Wall Tats are a no no!
tattoos on wall

Wall Tats! Don't be the victim of seeing your new tattoo on someone else, combine or get a tattoo specially drawn for you. Save yourself the embarrassment of comparing your fairy to the one you saw on someone else.

You get what you Pay for...

Please remember that a good deal isn't always a good thing. This isn't to say don't shop arround, but know what you're getting for your money. These tattoos are PERMENANT! A good quality shop will help you pick something out and even customize it for you. Remember kids! Do your homework!


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We here at Skin Deep care about tattoos so much. We also care about tattoo safety. Tattoos are permenant (for the most part) and you need to be informed on how to take care of them to how they work.

How Tattoos Work!

Have you ever wondered how tattooing works? If you see it done you have a general idea of how it works , but we are going to explain how the process works!

The needle makes tattoos by injecting the ink into skin. They use a machine that resembles a odd shaped gun (called "tattoo guns"). The gun moves a solid needle up and down to puncture the skin between 60 and 4,000 times per minute. The needle breaks the skin open by about a millimeter or so. When fully inserted the needle leaves behind a dab of ink into the skin with each punch.

The Old Way

This process used to be done manually with a hammer and an comb with sharp animal teeth or other materials. Certain countries banned this practice back in the day. It was considered taboo so only a few priveleged people still carry on the tradtition.

Be forewarned! This old style of tattoing is more painful than modern tattooing. Some tribes use it as a right of passage in becoming a man or woman, so just be cautious if you want to get one done the old fashioned way.

Product of the Week!

skin treatment product pink magic

There is always a new cream or moisturizer that out does the one that came out the season or month before. Just like the rest of the cosmetic industry there's a fight to be the best at making things dissapear faster or make your skin healthier. Pink Magic is the latest in tattoo skin care. While most products take a month to heal, Pink Magic does it in half the time. Another bonus with the Magic is that it smells like normal skin moisturizer instead of what most quick acting nasty skin cremes.

Tattoo Care

You just got home with your new tattoo! If you went to a reputable shop they should have instructed you on how to take care of it. If not then we are here to help.

Materials Needed
  • Gauze
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Sunblock (Higher than SPF30)
  • Towel
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Sponge & Anti-Bacterial Soap

1. The first step is to clean the area thoroughly. This is a fresh open wound and it needs to be cleaned to rid of any possible bacteria. Use the fresh new sponge to clean the tattoo with antibacterial soap.

2. Pat dry the tattoo. You do not want to rub the tattoo as you will irritate and break open any scabbing. Make sure it is absolutely dry as bacteria thrive in damp areas especially regularly covered ones.

Care cont...

3. Lubricate that tattoo! The biggest culprit of fading is improper moisture from protective products. Tattoo Goo, Pink Magic, or Eucerin can be used to keep the tattoo properly moisturized. Do this daily at least to keep your investment from looking poor.

4. Sunblock sunblock sunblock... Even on those cloudy days you need to put it on. Just because you can't see the sun doesn't mean it's UV Rays arent flying through the clouds.

5. Apply your antibiotic ointment as much as needed. This is akin to step. You can even use Petroleum Jelly as this is pretty thick stuff and very fade resistent.

6. Keep your tattoo wrapped up with gauze. As tempting as it is to look at your tattoo every 5 minutes, especially to your friends, don't. This is an open flesh wound and it needs time to heal. The longer you leave it under the bandage the faster it will heal. Never wrap it up with Seran Wrap! It needs to breather and this will prevent healing.


This little crew of ours loves tattoos! We also love designing and keeping people informed! The three of us are so passionate about art and tattoos that we decided to bring you the best information out!

  • Danny Boskins

    Danny B is the Co-founder with his twin brother being the other half of that duo. Danny started this site out of his love for tattoos and media. Danny wanted to bring tattoos out of the dark and into the light by designing a website for his passion.

  • Sean Harris

    Jamal grew up down the street from Danny and Billy and has been their best friends ever since. Knowing Jamal from child hood, Danny decided to have "J" handle the finances and promoting. "J" has always been an out going personality so naturally he was chosen to get the word out about the site.

  • Benny Boskins

    Benny doesnt like the lime light, but that doesn't stop him from being VP of Skin Deep. Benny is in charge of setting of interviews, getting his team to shows to cover photo and video of the event, and the tax guy.