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MoGraph2012 On its way!

Dustin Moore - July 6, 2011

With MoGraph2011 gone we are already excited about next years events! They had the most famous people in the industry and even our favorite mascots! Be sure to stick around for any updates to next years events!

Free Preset Fridays!

Dustin Moore - July 1, 2011

Red Giant does it every friday! Used to have a name some found a little inappropriate, but now it's just called "Free Stuff Fridays!". I'm sure you can imagine what word was switched out. Anyways Check out Red Giant for the most awesome presets and effects packages out!

New Stardust Video

Dustin Moore - June 13, 2011

We've done a short new video using some of Andrew Kramers design techniques! This guy is a legend in the AE and MoGraph Industry! Check out his site Video Co-Pilot today!

Design Competition!

We are starting our own design competition starting July 31st 2011! If you would like to start practicing, you should start now. We will announce on our blog when the competition is open for submissions. Thanks guys!

All in a Days Work

Sometimes you just have to get it done. Thinking about it will only push back the work you're already going to have to get done. Enough small talk! Want to see the videos? Just go to the Work Reel page and see what we're all about!

Step On the Box

Don't like the box? Well sometimes you have to step on the boundaries set by you and others and just say "screw it". So go ahead, step on that box and get your design on!

Time for Ocean Graphics.