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Welcome to the unofficial Galactic Lullaby merchandise site! This site is a non functional front for a clothing and graphic tee company that will open up soon. While everything is fully functional I currently have not gone live. When I get the final versions of my designs to the printer we will have a grand opening. Every one will get a free sticker with their order and up to 20% off if you spend over $100! Check back soon to see the new designs.

With that said this is a Merchandise site designed to cater to all browser sizes. Using a combination of Javascript libraries like JQuery & simpleCart.js, I have been able to bring a "Fake E-Commerce" site that could theoretically be used to actually sell products to people through PayPal,Google Checkout, or Amazon. The site is also Responsive and setup to fit any browser width from 980 pixels and up to mobile phones.

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Like the Wind


Buzz ALD52


GlassJAw New Font Fitted Cap