Special Events

Plan your next big event with us!

Conference room with Video Screen

Apex Cinemas offers theater rentals for any occasion. Big meetings, school events, birthday parties, or any event is welcome! Haven't you always wanted your own private viewing? Of course you do! No worries of ruining anyone elses movie experience with being too loud at your own screening! All events occur before or after normal business hours. Our normal weekday hours are perfect for that leisurely business lunch you've been waiting to plan. We open normally at 3:40pm, so you can have your meeting then catch a flick!

Food for events

Appetizer food plate

Food for events is allowed to brought into lobby, but not allowed inside theater. We partner with a few of the local businesses for catering needs. If you need any reccomendations we are happy to provide them for you. Wink wink they usually cut our customers a deal! If you are having a business meeting or lunch, and hosting services are required, those too are also available. Also if all you want is some delicious Golden Yellow Popcorn to snack on, well we sell that by the bulk for our special meetings. Book yours today by calling!

Birthday Parties!

For birthday parties we give a tour of the projection booth and show how the projectors work. For that special birthday person only, they get to start the movie! For gift opening we reccomend doing so in the lobby so nothing special gets lost!

We also rent out theaters to groups who need to hold meetings and do not wish to view a film. For more information on these types of rentals please call us at your convenience. If there are any other ways we can possibly help you have a better special event please let us know! 

Fees Applied

  • $75.00 Rental Fee 
  • $5.50 per person for admission w/ open concession
  • $8.00 per person with ticket and special show popcorn and drink

All equipment needed is provided for slideshows, Power Point presentations, computers, etc to make your business meeting a great success. Any questions please call 123-456-0001 for more info.


"What's it R-ated?"

Not sure why little Timmy wants to see Rambo 6: The Slaughter? We explain what MPAA ratings are and what gets movies their final score.

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