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New international Prometheus trailer!

Prometheus Movie Poster

With the biggest Sci-Fi film release in 2012, Ridley Scott has released a new trailer for the most anticipated space film this summer. This trailer has been put together to be released for all other countries that have not seen the previous American trailers.

Avengers is finally here!

Avengers Movie Poster

Captain America? Check. Iron Man? Check. Thor? Check! This is exciting! Nick Fury, Incredible Hulk, Black Widow, Hawk-Eye!? Check times 4. This is going to be the years biggest film no doubt. All of the classic Marvel Heroes in one action packed flick will be sure to blow your inner geeks mind!

Calvert Village 5 face-lift complete!

After 4 months of renovations The Calvert Village 5 Theater is finally done! We are all happy it is complete. Upgrades include new carpet in the lobby, new concession stand with additional soda tower, new seat cushions and backs. The exterior of the building has been repainted, a new set of decorative pillars support the awning and a new sign is on the way! Stop by to check out the new stuff! Also the bathrooms were redecorated!

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