Web Design and Motion Graphics is my game.

Welcome to Galactic Lullaby. I am Dustin Moore, a web designer that enjoys front-end layout. I also have a strong affinity for motion graphics! Making things move makes me ecstatic! I am a recent graduate from the Art Institutes.

Enough about me, check out my Work and give me a shout if you want some intertactive or motion work done for you!

My Portfolio


DreamScapes Thumbnail

DreamScapes is a site that combines intriguing visual landscapes with dream meanings, information, recollection techniques and modern history of dream interpretation.

Cosmos Tour

Cosmos Tour Thumbnail

Cosmos Tour is a kiosk type tour through space! Start by fixing the broken space station and journey from the solar sytem to the "Local Group" galaxy cluster.

Wanderlust Resorts

Wanderlust Resorts Thumbnail

Wanderlust is a resort company that specializes in All Inclusive packages. They are a modern company and currently have 3 new resorts open!

Apex Cinemas

Apex Cinemas Thumbnail

Apex Cinemas is a local movie theater I built a page for as a school project. It uses simple PHP/MySQL for updating on the fly.

Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine

Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine Thumbnail

SkinDeep is a online tattoo culture magazine. It's a center for all things ink on skin related.

Galactic Lullaby Threads


Galactic Lullaby Threads is a long time dream of mine I hope to get off the ground one day. I love Graphic Tees and want to start my own brand.

HypnoDream Motion Graphics

Hypnocandy Motion Graphics Thumbnail

HypnoDream is a "monster" that lives inside my brain, that with more computing power I hope to further explore the world of motion graphics. Currently these clips are my attempt at making motion!



GalaSEO is a SEO site that informs people who know little about search engine optimization on how it works and what to watch out for.


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